Friday, November 28, 2008

Flay Sally enjoys Thanksgiving in Monterey (as told by Elias)

Flat Sally arrived in Monterey on Tuesday. She was pretty worn out from the overnight FedEx trip, so she took it easy and went to bed early that night. She was so excited about her Mickey Mouse ears, though, that she didn't take them off when she went to bed, and in fact, she told me she wanted to wear them her whole time here. She's still in California, after all.

Yesterday (Wednesday), she made a new friend, Nicole, and the three of us watched a movie together. She also hit it off with our friend the (stuffed) seal. The two of them hung out on my lap after the movie.

Today, we celebrated Thanksgiving! I was invited for dinner by a friend of mine who lives with a family in the area. There were people there from all over the world, and Sally was really happy to meet everyone.

She was excited about the food, but didn't think she could have a whole plate herself, so we shared. The meal was delicious.

Afterwards, we played Guesstures,
which Sally enjoyed. Our team won.

Here is Sally with our hostess Lillie, and here is a picture of some of the guests (far left, looking asleep: Gerardo from Mexico; girl with glasses: Gabriela from Guatemala; holding Sally: Elena from Russia; bottom right: Tigist, Ethiopian who grew up in Russia; girl in gray: Olga from Russia; girl in purple: Ling Ling from China; (standing behind Ling Ling: some weird guy who was there).

When we got home, Sally took a nap; a good thing, because tomorrow's going to be a busy day: we're spending the day in San Jose and San Francisco. We're hoping to go to the beach on Saturday if the weather is nice. And on Sunday we're going to Santa Cruz. It's going to be a busy weekend!

It's Thanksgiving break, so she hasn't experienced much of student life yet, but I'll take her to school with me on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sally in Santa Barbara ... continued.

Sally has had a wonderful time visiting James, Loris and Colin in Santa Barbara. Colin's girlfriend, Kelly, even made some new clothes for Sally. Look at her Mickey Mouse ears and her fancy new flip-flops in the above picture on the boat in "It's a Small World" in Disneyland.

Sally lost one of her boots at the supermarket, so Kelly made her a replacement boot while she was working on Sally's wardrobe. Thank you, Kelly! (If Sally hadn't been running through the avocados, perhaps she wouldn't have lost that boot ....)

Anyway, once Sally had her ears and flip-flops, she was ready for anything. She had a wonderful time exploring Disneyland, especially meeting so many very famous personalities. Here are two of the people Sally met there. Do you recognize them?

Yes, Sally got to meet Minnie and Mickey. Does that make her a mouseketeer?

Over on the left, you can see Sally with her whole family at the big C in California. From left to right: Loris, James, Sally, Colin and Kelly.

You can also see the clock in "It's a Small World" and the Christmas tree on Main Street.

Sally even went to see two plays: 15-Minute Hamlet and Rosecrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. She said that she enjoyed them, but James says ,"To tell you the truth, she was asleep under the chair before Act I of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern" was over, but she thought the "15-Minute Hamlet" was pretty funny and she loved getting her picture taken with the cast in the dressing room before the show started (see picture below.) Besides, it was pretty late for her to be up. ".
When she and her family weren't out and about, Sally hung out in the backyard and enjoyed the California climate. Most of all, she wanted to touch a palm tree, so that was one of the very first things she did when she climbed out of her envelope in Santa Barbara. She also climbed into a planter to check out the bird-of-paradise plants, and puttered in the back garden.

Sally finds it impossible to believe that back home in Mallorytown the temperature has been -12 degrees Celcius for the past week!

Sally is now taking the overnight mail to San Francisco to visit Elias and his friends. She's crawled into her sleeping bag to keep warm on the highway, and has her teddy bear snuggled up beside her. She's tired out from all her travels around Santa Barbara, and the mail truck's engine is very soporific .... so I suspect that in five minutes Sally will be sound asleep.
Sleep tight, Sally! Bon voyage, Sally!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sally in Santa Barbara

Sally is now visiting James and Loris in Santa Barbara, California. Here is what James has to say so far about her visit:

Well, I didn't do such a great job with the timer function on my camera so I'm the cut-off person on the left here, but below is a picture of Flat Sally at Palazzio in Santa Barbara, having dinner with two new (to her) Canadian friends from Victoria, BC, who are staying in Santa Barbara for a few days.

Here's the link to the restaurant:
Here's a satellite map of the location (1026 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA):

Here's a street view (I think - I'm not sure the street view links automatically, but if you can click on Street View you should be able to see it.) .
After dinner we drove up through the hills of Montecito and took some pictures of the city and the bay. There's a horrible fire there tonight. I guess we saw it just in time. We also walked out on the long pier (known as Stearns Wharf) into the bay. It was a beautiful night with a full moon. Sally wanted to play on the beach but we told her it was a little late at night for that. She'll get another chance this Sunday as we drive through Santa Barbara up to Lompoc, our hometown.
It's sunny and 77 degrees (F) here right now. I think she has taken to our back patio, although she has to share it with two cats who have declared themselves Queens of the Backyard.