Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Romanian birthday

Now I'm eight years old! At breakfast time, everybody sang happy birthday to me, first in Romanian and then in English. Then we all went to church. Cris teaches Sunday School, so I went with her to meet her kids. Oana and Edi showed me all over the church, and shared their snacks with me. Here's a picture of the three of us.

Cris' father's birthday is the day before mine, so we're almost birthday twins. That night, we had a joint birthday party. I didn't think I'd get any presents, but Cris' sisters made me two new dresses: a blue one to go with my little cake, and a brown one to go with our chocolate birthday cake. The blue one stands out like a bell when I twirl, and the brown one is all soft and velvety.

The next day, Monday, Cris' little brother Sebi and I went shopping for candy. In Romania, you're supposed to bring chocolates or other candies to school to share on your birthday. Sebi had invited me to go to school with him, and I wanted to be all ready. The next day, Cris packed our lunches and we headed off. I was thrilled to be going back to school, even if it was just for a day. Sebi is in Grade 4, which is the next best thing to Grade 3.

Everybody wanted to know who I was, but I couldn't say much in Romanian except, "I can't speak Romanian". Cris told them my story: how I had travelled in my envelope, and visited so many different countries. Then she asked the children to read my passport and they saw it was my birthday. Cris brought out the special birthday cup she'd made for the candies, and I handed them out. Everybody kissed me on the cheek to wish me a happy birthday, even the boys.

By now, my visit to Romania was coming to an end. Cris went to find Hermann's address in Vienna, Austria, so that she could copy it onto my envelope. While she was upstairs, the crocodiles invited me to go down to the pond with them. We caught some weeds and a couple of toy cars, and then the toy worm we were using got tired of being used for bait. Instead he and I excused ourselves, and went off to hunt for four-leaf clovers. This is where Cris found us when she came outside with my envelope.
I can't believe that I wasted so much time thinking about vampires, when there are so many more interesting things in Romania. I'm sorry to leave, but I'm looking forward to meeting Hermann and climbing through the Alps.
Besides, Cris tells me that the best desserts in the world are found in Vienna. I think that it's very important to learn more about this. Don't you?